Purple Rich International Limited is a privately held holding company based in Hong Kong and Miami, Florida. Our group is actively involved in operating its own subsidiary businesses as well as businesses it invests in and partners with.

We are interested in dealing with promising companies and individuals that exhibit a high level of business maturity and a strong desire to succeed, even if the company or project is in its early stage of development. We prefer developing business models that are differentiated, specialized and niche oriented. Many of our key members come from humble beginnings, and exhibit a high level of respect and gratitude for their current status and resources. We deal with companies that have the capacity to honour and protect our resources as we do.

Our key group members are self-made, seasoned entrepreneurs who now focus on growing and investing in the companies of others. Our members are creative and enjoy using unconventional practices that serve to be innovative, efficient and effective. Our team is well experienced and our organization is extremely flexible. This allows us to quickly identify and capture great opportunities as they present themselves.